Funeral Doomers LOSS Issue First New Song In Six Years; New Album Due In May

The Tennessee-based funeral doom band Loss are preparing to release their newest album, Horizonless, via Profound Lore on May 19th. The Billy Anderson-produced offering is the band’s long-awaited second release, following 2011’s Despond.  

You can see the album artwork and track list below, as well as hear the first song shared from the record, “All Grows On Tears“.

Horizonless also includes guest appearances by Wrest (Leviathan), Stevie Floyd (Taurus, Dark Castle), and Billy Anderson. Catch the video trailer below for the upcoming release.


01. The Joy Of All Who Sorrow
02. I.O.
03. All Grows On Tears
04. Moved Beyond Murder
05. Naught
06. The End Steps Forth
07. Horizonless
08. Banishment
09. When Death Is All

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