Members Of GUARDIAN & WHITECROSS Unite For PledgeMusic-Funded EP

Members from two of the biggest and longest-running names in Christian-oriented rock ‘n roll, Guardian and Whitecross, are uniting for a new EP of music. A new message at the Guardian + Whitecross PledgeMusic page states:  

“Join us…Jamie Rowe (Guardian vocalist), Rex Carroll (Whitecross guitarist), David Bach (Guardian bassist), and Michael Feighan (Whitecross drummer) in the studio as we revive some Guardian and Whitecross classics, plus a few surprises. We will also be playing some select live performances across the globe.

“We’ll be providing exclusive video updates along the way during the creative process for anyone who pre-orders any of the offers we set up below! Check out what we have available – Singed CDs, VIP passes and tons more. A digital download is included with all exclusive offers as well.”

Find out more via the PledgeMusic campaign here.

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