Vocalist Peter Dolving (Ex-The Haunted) Exits DRESS THE DEAD

It seems that only a mere three months after making their impressive live début in support of Death Angel at two shows in San Francisco, Dress The Dead are having problems. However, they are also reaching out to fix them… 

The project, formed by guitarist Craig Locicero (of Forbidden,  ManMadeGod, and Spiralarms),  also featured the former vocalist of The Haunted, Peter Dolving, and had released a single, ‘1969‘ (streaming below). The roster for Dress The Dead rounded out with drummer Mark Hernandez, bassist James Walker and guitarist Dan Delay.

According to a lengthy Facebook post from Locicero, Dolving has departed Dress The Dead and seems to have done so under less than desirable circumstances. It reads:

“Let’s recap. Peter announced to Facebook that he almost took his own life, has occupational burnout, and he’s retiring from being a professional musician. Just the day before, we were having conversations about him moving to the Bay Area and setting up a string of local shows to sharpen our claws, as well as our future dealings with a certain kick-ass record label.

He hit us without warning and left us standing at the altar.

“Of course, we went through the natural cycle of emotions when you hear these things. Shock, worry, sorrow, anger, questions, numb, frustration, repeat and then finally some more clarity.

“We understood how this makes anyone who was getting into DRESS THE DEAD feel. I mean, we just got started, played two kick-ass sold-out shows with DEATH ANGEL (thanks, boys!) and released ‘1969’ to a fantastic response. It was brutal to be thrown into chaos, and we deservedly needed to reevaluate ourselves and the band.

“What in the fuck does anyone say to such a dark statement and change? We love the hell out of Peter, but finding this out on Facebook was completely unacceptable and it made an uncomfortable situation much worse by the way everyone was alerted. No way around it. He owed us at least a private conversation. Maybe a warning shot? At least he’s alive and that’s what matters on that level. But there’s the others in the band that are continuing to think about our careers and families. We matter as well. What’s done is done and we’re moving on…

This band started with my vision and that vision will continue.

“I wanted to create something heavy, beautiful, thrashy, melodic and rocking with dynamic musicians. I found the right brothers and we’ve done that. Our template has been set and we will continue doing so with another singer. So far we’ve had some inquiries and conversations. Haven’t brought anyone into the room as of yet.

“We feel as if we need to cast a larger net for submissions because the right person may or may not be located in the Bay Area. They would be preferably the U.S. and willing to relocate if need be. That would be ideal, but this is the modern era so nothing is off the table.

“We have the example of ‘1969’ already out there, but there’s so much more music to be worked on.

“This is how we’ll do it…

“For now, submit your audio or video clips via PM [private message] to our DRESS THE DEAD page on Facebook. It can be your own material, live or in the studio. Doesn’t matter, just make it your best example.

“In the meantime, we will be setting up a way for those who make the cut to get a couple of tracks with no vocals on them – that the public hasn’t heard – to work with. This will be ideal for anyone serious about inquiring.

“There will be a clean slate going forward. What was in the past is now far behind us. That being said, there are a few requirements:

  1. Have your shit together.
  2. Be able to sing and scream with range when needed.
  3. Be brave enough to stay the fuck out of the box.
  4. Be a great live performer with stage presence.
  5. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have a sense of humor.
  6. No hard drugs or alcoholics. Simple stuff, really.

“It’s okay to start feeling better about DRESS THE DEAD again. Spring has sprung and we’re moving on.

“While we’ve been knocked down for a minute, we’re getting right the fuck back up!”

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