Guitarist Dan Spitz (Red Lamb, Ex-Anthrax) Teams With Former Journey Drummer For New ‘Thrash’ Project

Dan Spitz (L) / Deen Castronovo (R)

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Red Lamb/ex-Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz has revealed that he and former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo have formed a new thrash metal project.  It is currently untitled, or at least not yet public, but it is an interesting pairing to say the least.    

Both men profess to be born again Christians, something that Spitz has been quite openly vocal about over the years.  Both men also have had scrapes with the law concerning domestic relationship altercations, but as everyone should know, anyone can change their lives and find redemption.

Dan’s legacy in Anthrax and Red Lamb both go far in establishing his metallic credentials.  Deen’s may be less known to most folks.  I would wager that many average music fans have no idea that Castronovo was the kit man on two of the three studio releases from bassist Geezer Butler’s (Black Sabbath) incredible metal band G/Z/R (pronounced Geezer).

This is very intriguing news to say the least and we will definitely be reporting more as information becomes available. Stay tuned!


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