TERRIFIER Detonate ‘Nuclear Demolisher’ Lyric Video

British Columbia’s Terrifier have just unleashed a new lyric video from their latest release, ‘Weapons Of Thrash Destruction‘ (ya gotta love that title!). The song, ‘Nuclear Demolisher‘, finds these fierce thrash metal fanatics in the band giving it their all.

Scorching guitar runs, piston-like drums and viciously spewed vocals just hammer the track into your skull like a railroad spike. Terrifier‘s ‘Weapons Of Thrash Destruction‘ was released back in January of this year via Test Your Metal Records. It follows the band’s 2013 EP ‘Metal Or Death‘ and 2012’s full-length, ‘Destroyers Of The Faith‘.

1. Reanimator
2. Deceiver
3. Nuclear Demolisher
4. Violent Reprisal
5. Skitzoid Embolism
6. Drunk as Fuck
7. Bestial Tyranny
8. Riders of Doom
9. Sect of the Serpent

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