GoFundMe Page Launched To Help UGLY KID JOE Drummer Zac Morris’ Health Concerns

The Ugly Kid Joe band mates of drummer Zac Morris are addressing the health needs of their friend’s related to nearly lifelong diabetes. 

A recent statement from the band shared the following:

“Our drummer and friend Zac Morris has been a Type-1 diabetic for over 10 years, and recently has been suffering issues with his kidneys, as well as other health issues, all due to the erratic nature of his disease.”

“Please help Zac reach his goal on GoFundMe so he can get a new Insulin Pump and continue to perform at 100% for all of you this summer! Every little bit helps! Let’s keep the animal alive!”

Zac himself also stated:

“My name is Zac and I’ve been a Type-1 diabetic since I was 17 years old.  For the past several years, I have been struggling immensely to get my sugar under control through the means of multiple insulin injections every single day. However, on my best days, sugar levels are still a roller-coaster of highs and lows and it is now starting to cause damage to my kidneys and take effect on my health in other areas.

“My doctor feels the best way to proceed with treating/managing my diabetes is to go on a new insulin pump. The newest models contain continual glucose monitoring and have programming that help not only monitor sugar levels, but help to automatically calculate and administer insulin dosage accordingly and track more long-term patterns in my sugar levels. This pump will be a life changer and life saver.

“As I have been perusing my dream of being a professional drummer, I have found traveling the world makes regulating my blood sugar that much more difficult. I am trying to work with my insurance to get my new Insulin Pump before I leave for tour this summer, to be able to maintain proper health while traveling.

“Even with insurance, the remaining cost of the pump and first round of supplies is a little over $1200. As such, paying for the pump has become a serious obstacle financially.

“Any help that you are able to give would be deeply appreciated. Please spread the word and know that your kindness and generosity is appreciated deeply by me and my family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – Zac”

To contribute donations to help Zac and Ugly Kid Joe both, visit this location.

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