The Figueroa Bros. Exit CROBOT

A shocking announcement has come from the camp of funk rockers Crobot revealing that the brotherly rhythm section of Jake (bass) and Paul Figueroa (drums) are both exiting the band. The group issued the following statement on April 7th:

“To all of our friends, family, and fans:

We regret to inform you all that Jake and Paul Figueroa will no longer be continuing as members of Crobot. We’ve had an amazing journey as a band together for the last few years but creative differences have driven us apart. There is no denying the unmistakable presence on and off the stage of the rhythm powerhouse that is the Figueroa brothers and whatever comes next for them will certainly be something to look forward to.

We are continuing to write new music and will be back in a big way with the help of Alec Padron of Scorpion Child filling in on bass duties and Kevin Fender, formerly of the Sword, on drums. Although moves like this are very tough and heartbreaking for everyone involved, we wish nothing but the best to the brothers and thank them for their dedication throughout the last 4 years. Stay tuned for more updates and we hope to see you out on the road this summer.

Brandon & Bishop

I’m not sure if Crobot will be the same, for me anyway, without the Figueroa Bros. in the band…it remains to be seen. And heard, literally, because anyone that has seen Crobot live knows the band has had a special chemistry onstage with one another. Sure, I hope they can recover from this startling turn of events, same as I hope we see Paul and Jake resurface elsewhere. Only time will tell.