DARK SERMON Announces They Are Disbanding

Floridian extreme metal band Dark Sermon have announced their dissolution. I personally hate to hear this news, as I’ve been a fan of their since first hearing them a few years back.  

The bad news was delivered in a public comment from the band’s Johnny Crowder. It reads:

“Hey all, J here. My eyes are flooding as I type this, but you deserve to hear it. Dark Sermon has been my life’s work for nearly a decade – an unforgettable whirlwind of sweat, flat tires, and insane tours. In my head, DS would live on forever, but life rarely follows the imaginary paths we paint for it.

“At this point, we have fulfilled our contracts with eOne and Nuclear Blast. This, coupled with a rather unforgiving season of rotten luck, led several members to retire from touring altogether. While I was stubbornly determined to press on, the remaining members decided that now would be a good time to let DS rest.

“Initially, I couldn’t accept it, but now I understand. Since high school, we’ve barely had a moment to tend to anything outside of the band. Looking back, I see how undying dedication to one solitary thing can lead to imbalance.

“Is Dark Sermon done? Unfortunately, that is not up to me. However, I can’t just stop writing music and sharing it with the world. This is why I created my new band, Prison. You can watch our new music video or pre-order our new record if you’d like to support us.

“Although I am still trying to make peace with this situation, Dark Sermon brought immeasurable healing to me and countless others. And for that, I will never, ever forget it – or you. To everyone who has followed my personal journey with mental illness, faith, and sobriety, thank you. Whether you decide to accompany me in this new chapter or not, you’ve already given me more than I could ask for. You saved my life.

“I love each and every one of you. Deeply. Goodbye for now.”

The origins of Dark Sermon date back to 2009 when they were known as In Reference To A Sinking Ship. Members Austin Good, Bryson St. Angelo, Evan Miller, Austin Chandler and Johnny Crowder independently issued a well-received EP, Aimless, in 2010. The band increasingly gained attention and popularity, but eventually changed their name to Dark Sermon in 2012.

As Dark Sermon, the band would undergo membership changes, as most bands do, while releasing two albums through eOne Music. In Tongues (2013) and The Oracle (2015) were both highly popular offerings that received accolades with critics and fans alike.

The band’s final line up consisted of original members Johnny Crowder and Austin Good alongside Neil MinorPaul Stellmach and Jordan Jensen.

Dark Sermon
Dark Sermon
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