TODAY IS THE DAY Release ‘Temple Of The Morning Star’ Acoustic Version Video

Legendary extreme experimental band Today Is The Day have released a video for their acoustic version of the classic ‘Temple Of The Morning Star‘ song. The title track is featured on the recent 20th anniversary edition of the album of the same name.

Band mastermind Steve Austin commented:

“‘Temple Of The Morning Star‘ was made late at night alone in an industrial warehouse that my studio was in. I was homeless and living there just trying to survive. No family, no love. I had broken up with my girlfriend, and my life was in a fast downward spiral that I was living through. I had been listening a lot to Shake with John McLaughlin.

I was impressed with the ultra fast middle eastern acoustic guitar playing. I wrote the song in a stream of conscious. When it was complete, I decided that the track would be the theme for the record. I was in pain, filled with loneliness and anger.

Feeling kicked out and pushed out by everyone and I needed something to relate to. ‘Temple Of The Morning Star‘ was a declaration of freedom and independence that made it clear that I will not compromise myself or the things I believe in for acceptance from anyone. You have to be yourself, even when it hurts.”

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