RIFF RELEVANT EXCLUSIVE: OCTOBER RAGE ‘Whirlwind’ Official Video Premiere

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

The Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia-based band October Rage are on a mission and we have arrived at the next stage of it here, now.  

See, the band has been relentlessly touring the USA recently, in efforts to expose music fans to the band’s electrifying style of metal.  Part old school Nu Metal and part modern Hard Rock, October Rage are poised to break through to the next level with their latest studio offering.

Late 2016, we saw the release of October Rage‘s third album, “Eye Of The Storm“, the follow-up to ‘Fallout Dust And Guns’ (2014) and ‘Outrage’ (2012).  The album quickly propelled the band to a larger presence on many popular tours, ones where they shared stages with the likes of Sevendust, Steel Panther, Buckcherry, Saliva and many more.

Fast forward to now, this moment where Riff Relevant has partnered with vocalist/guitarist Nick Roberts, guitarist/keyboardist John McMullen, bassist William Roberts and drummer Kai Chambers, AKA October Rage for the following EXCLUSIVE!

Riff Relevant presents the worldwide première of the brand new Official Video from October Rage: “Whirlwind“!!!

The highly energized clip showcases the band’s knack for melding intensely metallic music elements with melodic hooks and catchy choruses.  Driving rhythms, infectious guitars and solid, superb vocals are all dialed in and the result is thrilling to witness… and hear!

Do that now with the Riff Relevant EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere of October Rage‘s “Whirlwind“.

Video Stream temporarily disabled.

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