Riff Relevant Interviews: BURN THEE INSECTS @ The Maryland Doom Fest 2017 [Video]

(All Pics Courtesy Of Leanne Ridgeway)

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Arizona’s Burn Thee Insects are one of those bands that come along and ultimately blow your mind once experienced.  

But, depending on whom you might ask, you will get myriad claims as to exactly what type of music it is they play.  One person will say psyche rock, another will say desert psyche, another, shoegaze and still yet another, atmospheric fuzz.  Or of course, Doom Pop (see interview).

You know what the funny thing is?  They are ALL right on the money really… and then some!

With two immensely critically acclaimed releases under their audi-belts, the full-length “Droid Intelligence” and “Head To The Floor” EP (both issued in 2015), Burn Thee Insects have built quite a nice buzz in recent years.  With one of Twin Earth Records best received releases, the demand to see the band live outside of their home vicinity was reaching a fevered pitch by the start of this year.

Itching to take their hypnotic aural headiness on the road, Burn Thee Insects landed one of the highly sought spots on the Maryland Doom Fest 2017 roster this past June.  What better opportunity to schedule a touring trek than this, thus hitting all the right spots out to Frederick, MD. and back?

That is exactly what Burn Thee Insects did too and of course, Riff Relevant was at MDDF and that is where the following happened.  I sat down with the trio of guitarist / vocalist Lucust French, bassist Mitchell French and drummer Tom Goodwin, where we discussed all that is the band itself and what’s going on with it.

So, ignore my crappy, unskilled gonzo style of filming-on-the-fly and enjoy this…

The Riff Relevant Interview With Burn Thee Insects at The Maryland Doom Fest 2017!

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