MORPHOSYS Vows ‘You Shall Bleed’ Via Vicious Lyric Video; New Release Nears

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer,

Six long years since their last recorded release, Germany’s savage death metalists Morphosys make their triumphant return.  

It is coming in the format of their new full-length album release, “The Saw Is Family“, which drops Sept. 15th. This devastating new full length will be released through Witches Brew and available worldwide via Plastic Head Music Distribution.

The Saw Is Family” features nine varied tracks of modern Death Metal, alternating between furious speed passages and mid paced, hair whipping, crunchers.  It is all accompanied by razor-sharp riffs, standout bass lines and brutal drums.

Two of those tracks are being shared with you here and now, the first via a lyric video début for “You Shall Bleed“.  “The Walking Dead” is here too, in the form of a streaming Bandcamp embed.

The record also features a ripping rendition of the MASSACRE classic “Corpse Grinder.  Pre-order it now here.

Track list:

1. Carniwar 04:28
2. The Saw Is Family 02:55
3. Torture Chamber 02:58
4. The Walking Dead 04:19
5. Storm Of Blood 03:46
6. Memory Of The Insane 02:57
7. Fleischeslust 04:31
8. You Shall Bleed 04:47
9. Todesengel 03:50
10. Corpse Grinder 02:26

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