WOLVES OF WINTER – Vinyl Release; New Shows; New Songs in the Works

Wolves Of Winter

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor, RiffRelevant.com)

Phoenix, Arizona’s heavy desert rock outfit Wolves of Winter came soaring out of the ashes in 2012.  Comprised of Josh McGee (vocals and guitar), Mike Horn (drums), and David Weaver (bass), they are a whirling sand dune of fuzzy, down and dirty, heavy grit, grunge rock.  Guess what?  We have news!

The vinyl format of their first full-length release, the 2016 self-titled ‘Wolves Of Winter‘, which was announced for pre-order last year…  is in stock and open for orders via No Slip Records.  After quite a delay due to some production issues with the artwork and pressing, all four vinyl variants are now available.  

Any pre-orders made beforehand have been shipped out (including my own ‘Die Hard’ variant!) to any awaiting customers.  We’ve heard that sales of the newly released vinyl are moving fast, so if you have procrastinated up until now, you may want to reconsider that… 

Wolves Of Winter s/t cover art

This amazing cover artwork was created by Carrie Olaje, with the inner gatefold art done by David Paul Seymour.  There are three limited variants, each 180g heavyweight vinyl and include a digital download card, as well as their own special features.

The four vinyl presses include (click variant name to view purchase info) a Classic Black Vinyl, a Band Edition, an OBI Edition, the Die Hard Edition, plus a very small number of limited Test Presses in black vinyl.  All variants (and a new David Seymour designed T-shirt) are available via No Slip Records storefront

If you’re not a record collector like myself, in addition to the vinyl formats, ‘Wolves Of Winter’ is also available on Digipak CD, Cassette and Digital Download via the band’s Bandcamp page.

More news!  Josh McGee has divulged that the band is working on new music.   As Josh had written most of the début material, this time around the band is taking their time to work collaboratively and craft what they feel could be their finest work for the follow-up, after such a well-received début full length.

There is no estimated  time frame for completion, but the band is confident their fans will agree.   Josh let me listen to one of the new songs, but unfortunately it’s not available yet for public consumption.  Even in its raw state, it was some pretty powerful sounds and may end up even more dynamic and hard-hitting than the début.  We may see a teaser single released, possibly recorded live, but none of this is confirmed as of yet.

Wolves Of Winter also have a couple of shows coming up next month in Arizona and Nevada, as they continue to expand beyond their local area to establish their presence in a larger region.  Rumor has it there may be an international tour some time next year, but again – this is unconfirmed.   Stay tuned!

Check below for the upcoming shows, have a listen to their self-titled album via Bandcamp stream, and watch their Official Video.  During their gig with Truckfighters a few months ago, they had some live footage filmed and compiled to create a video for the track ‘A New Reality‘.

Wolves Of Winter – Upcoming Shows: (click date for Facebook Event)


Wolves Of Winter S/T – Track List:

1. Astrothoughts
2. A New Reality
3. Tooth and Nail
4. Start of the Season
5. Blind Leading the Blind
6. Devil’s Kiss
7. Rubber Band
8. Child’s Reasoning
9. Manipulation
10. Try Till Dead

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