QUICKSAND Guitarist Sent Home From Tour After Botched Robbery Of CVS

(Thomas Capone Mugshot)

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Another odd story related to the music community is currently developing after learning the following. Quicksand guitarist Tom Capone (47) has been relieved of his position within the band at this time and sent home from their current touring trek.  The dismissal is the result of Capone’s arrest earlier this week in Maricopa County, Arizona after being charged with “shoplifting-concealment” and “resist arrest-physical force.” The recently obtained court documents reveal further details of Capone’s infraction:

On 09/12/17 at approximately 16:20 hours the defendant was observed on CCTV concealing merchandise at the CVS located at 50 W. Jefferson. CVS staff observed the defendant conceal items totaling 43 into his backpack and short pockets, and later passing all points of sale. CVS staff alerted an officer working off-duty at the City Scape Plaza in full Phoenix uniform. The arresting officer went to contact the defendant ouside and identified himself as Phoenix PD, ordering the defendant to stop. The defendant refused and continued to walk northbound when the arresting officer grabbed the defendant by the arm. The defendant immediately attempted to break the officer’s grasp and flee, resulting in the arresting officer taking the defendant to the ground. Once on the ground the defendant resisted the arresting officer’s efforts to place him under arrest where private security later ran to the scene to aid the officer. The defendant was then successfully placed under arrest with his hands cuffed to the rear. The arresting officer suffered a cut to his right elbow as well. During the Mirandized interview the defendant admitted to the shoplifting and resisting arrest. The defendant was identified by his New York license and was later booked in the Fourth Ave. jail.

Reports go on to say that while Capone has since been released from jail, he “is scheduled to appear at a status conference hearing on September 27, followed by an October 3 preliminary hearing, both in Phoenix.”

In the meantime, Quicksand have released a statement announcing that Capone will now leave their currently-in-progress tour — their first in five years. Although the statement is vague in its details, it’s fairly easy to read between the lines and infer that Capone is struggling with substance abuse issues:

“As some of you have noticed, we played our show this past Tuesday in Phoenix as a 3 piece. When we began working on new music in the Fall of 2016, Tom wasn’t in a good place health wise. We wrote and recorded ‘Interiors’ with the three of us. Flash forward to the Summer of 2017, the record was done and we were planning it’s release and the corresponding tours. Tom was in a much better place, and the four of us began rehearsing for the forthcoming tour. We were happy to be playing with him again and looked forward to the future. After a week of some amazing shows, the road has proved to be a difficult environment for Tom who’s headed home to work on his health. We wish him all the best, and thank you all for your continued support.

“-Alan, Sergio, Walter”


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