Riot’s Revelation: DHU Records ‘MMXVII Vol. II’ Sampler [FREE Compilation]

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

For this first 2018 installment of Riot’s Revelation, we return to the fantastic, freebie format, with a thrilling compilation.   It has a few months’ age on it, but that has not affected it whatsoever, trust me.   “It” refers to September 2017’s sampler compilation, “MMCVII Vol. II” from The Netherlands-based DHU Records.

This nine-song collection features nine different bands, with either current or future releases connected to the label.  The artists included are a wide cross-section of acts from the stoner / doom / heavy rock underground, including the following bands:

Old BloodBrumeBlack RoadYoungblood SupercultThe Red WidowsDoomstressSparrowmilkAncient VVisdomRituals Of The Oak

Now, that is nine bands and their music bestowed upon you by those at DHU Records for the paltry sum of nothing!   Yes, that’s right, this is a FREE sampler compilation… a gift to you for being such a good music fan with discerning tastes and all that jazz (no, there’s no jazz here, sorry).   Take it, listen to it, like it and feel free to thank me later.

Follow the Bandcamp embedded stream below.  Once there, the compilation is available as a FREE download or take the direct route here.

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