Stream Of Newly-Released ‘You Bastard!’ EP From PROFESSOR BLACK

(Photo Courtesy Of John Mourlas)

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

The man behind such great bands like Superchrist, Dawnbringer, Aktor and High Spirits, has surfaced with his own first solo effort.

Chris Professor Black goes out on his own with his first formal release as Professor Black, a six-song EP titled You Bastard! is being released today, Friday (May 4) by Ektro Records. We are serving up a stream of the EP for you here, today.

Chris played and recorded all instrumentation on the EP, from the pounding drums to the fiery guitars, etc. while his longtime colleague, Sanford Parker (Minsk, Corrections House), mixed the record.

The music of Professor Black is a chunky meld of metallic properties and heavy-handed rock and roll. Very much in the vein of traditional heavy metal, this album provides a solid stepping stone for Black’s ongoing metamorphosis as an artist.

You Bastard!” will arrive from Ektro Records via CD and 12” vinyl today, May 4th. Find other streaming and purchase options HERE.

Track list:
1. When The Devil Walks Again
2. Act Alone
3. Stuck In The USA
4. I’ve Had Enough
5. Closer To The Blade
6. Last Call

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