EMPTY To Issue ‘Vacio’ Album In Sept.; Premiere Psyche-Ambient ‘The Yellow Rain’ Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist, RiffRelevant.com)

It has been four long years since we last heard from Spain’s EMPTY via the superb Etica Profana Negativa offering.

Now that absence ends, with news that their fifth studio album, “Vacio“, will arrive September 28th on CD and Vinyl LP formats from Osmose Productions. We have an official video premiere from the album today for the track “The Yellow Rain“.

The song and the “Vacio” recording are inspired by the book La Lluvia Amarilla (“The Yellow Rain”) by Julio Llamazares. The PR that accompanied the album announcement puts it best:

This album shows a long, bitter, and fateful journey to oblivion and nothingness. Its own title reflects the nature of the message: the memory of Death, which from an ominous shadow, it became a tangible and palpable presence; the blind acceptance of the fate that removes our trace and dilutes our existence in time.

The music of EMPTY is not at all devoid of anything, or lacking, or “empty” in any sense of the word. It is atmospherically alluring, darkly enveloped, ambient psychedelia. There are abundant factors of a cold, stark, experimental nature and aggressive passages of undiluted black metal, too.

Vacio” is very much the soundtrack of a fateful journey to oblivion and nothingness.

The pre-order for “Vacio” from EMPTY is active now at the following links:


Vacio track list:
1. The Yellow Rain
2. Empty
3. The Rope At The mill
4. We All Taste The Same For The Worms
5. The Night Remains For Who Is
6. The Pilgrim Of Desolation
7. Filandom Under The Sign Of Misfortune

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