AMIGO ‘Good Time Island’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor

From the sunny beaches of California’s San Diego comes the latest EP release from AMIGO, the five-song ‘Good Time Island‘.

This is not the first rodeo for this quartet – Jeff Podeszwik, Sufi Karaien, Anthony Alley, and Anthony Mattos – have a couple prior EP releases under their collective belts. I will admit though, this latest offering was my first introduction to AMIGO and I feel like I have indeed made a new friend… a fuzzy, fun time, rockin’ one at that!

That friend is a bit quirky at times, in a good way, with unexpected twists and turns that manifest themselves with moments of peculiar musicality. Even the song titles sort of display our pal’s propensity for eclectic mannerisms, ones like “Banana Phone (Love Call)“, for example.

Percolating with grooves and smooth swagger throughout, the song takes us on a relaxing ride of flowing desert rock. Hazy guitars, inescapable hooks, solid vocals, it all combines for one enthralling introduction to the record.



Those good vibes continue on the follow-up cut, “Me And Soof“, while I notice an ever-growing harder edge seems to surface in the songs that remain. Beginning with the beefier riffs that intro “Telescope Boy“, and on into the dizzying ruts and rhythms of “Dope Den“, each song reveals a slight increase in its somewhat subtle ramping up, more aggressive tints.

Things culminate in the spectacular album closer, “Frog Face“, a happy-go-lucky, synth-tinged rocker where the aforementioned aggro flavoring is sacrificed for some damn fine, feel good results.

My new friend, AMIGO, and their latest place of residence, ‘Good Time Island‘, is a wonderful breath of fresh air in the contemporary rock realm’s oft stagnant atmosphere. If you have not dived into the stream of the EP above (or Bandcamp HERE) yet, let me say that its contents might best be described as “Queens Of The Stone Age-meets-Danko Jones-with-a-touch-of-Local H”. Dig it!

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