Riot’s Revelation: ROY BATTY

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

Welcome to what may or may not become a regular segment here at Riff Relevant, it remains to be seen. That said, Riot’s Revelation is where I search out and share something you might be interested in. It may be a band, a record, an event, whatever… I merely make you aware and leave the rest up to you. Let’s dive in, shall we?
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GREEN LUNG ‘Green Man Rising’ Single Review & NYP Item

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

It seems as if each new day brings the revelation of yet another fantastic band hailing from the UK and today is no exception. In fact, that recent ritual continues with a fantastic foursome from London, Green Lung.   Continue reading “GREEN LUNG ‘Green Man Rising’ Single Review & NYP Item”

GENGHIS CHRON ‘Demos’ Review, Stream & NYP Item

The five-man entity Genghis Chron appropriately hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Not only is their own name a catchy punner, but their home is befitting for the band’s own thunderous sound. That sound is one that channels some thickly sticky Stoner Rock specialness indeed. I say that based on the band’s late January offering, the two-song ‘Demos‘.   Continue reading “GENGHIS CHRON ‘Demos’ Review, Stream & NYP Item”

MUDBATH ‘Brine Pool’ Review, Stream & NYP Item

The Avignon, France-based bashers in Mudbath have returned with a brand new offering for you experience, ‘Brine Pool‘. The six-song recording is the follow-up to the band’s previous release, 2015’s Corrado Zeller.   Continue reading “MUDBATH ‘Brine Pool’ Review, Stream & NYP Item”

Missiles of October – ‘Better Days’ Review & Stream

Missiles Of October
Missiles Of October

Our first exposure to Missiles of October was the song ‘No Brain No Headache’ from their sophomore album Better Days. This band brings something a bit different to the doom or sludge metal arena, with a breath of fresh punk air tossed out from their box of noise.   Continue reading “Missiles of October – ‘Better Days’ Review & Stream”

VORTICAL MINDS ‘The Orange Box’ EP Review, Stream & NYP Item

There was an era in rock music, say between 1968 and 1975 or so, when some of the best stuff ever was created. That period is held in such high regard and bands struggle to this day to nail down its sound. Very few manage to capture the fuzzy guitars, lo-fi vibes and raw bluesiness of that long gone age. Occasionally someone does, they succeed in channeling it all into their own modern output. Today that someone is Vortical Minds.   Continue reading “VORTICAL MINDS ‘The Orange Box’ EP Review, Stream & NYP Item”

WRECK PLUS ‘Dark Construktor’ EP Review & Stream

Parisian band Wreck Plus are a well established entity in their homeland of France. They have been actively enlarging their fan base for a while now, accomplished by a string of fantastic releases. The latest one, the ‘Dark Construktor‘ EP, was issued in December 2016 and has now made its way here to RRHQ.

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MOON CIRCLE ‘The Cosmic Penguins’ EP Review & Stream

From France we get the latest discovery of Moon Circle and their freshly issued four-song EP, ‘The Cosmic Penguins‘. Chock full of thick fuzz riffs, rolling rhythmic rallies and solid, tight-knit drumming to boot.    Continue reading “MOON CIRCLE ‘The Cosmic Penguins’ EP Review & Stream”

ACID WOLF Self-Titled EP Review & Stream

The relatively fresh Acid Wolf, an Aussie band formed in 2014, out of the ashes of earlier project ThirteenBlack, are back with a new self-titled effort. The seven-song offering from vox Benson Eckert, guitarists Simmo Durrant and Pagey, bassist Jason Moon and drummer Richo Wise is, simply put, powerful.   Continue reading “ACID WOLF Self-Titled EP Review & Stream”