TERROR ‘The Walls Will Fall’ EP Review & Stream; Tour Dates

Hardcore heavyweights Terror are back with a brand new EP release, ‘The Walls Will Fall‘ due out April 28th through Pure Noise Records. The iconic band hit its fifteenth year of activity in 2017 so what better way to mark the occasion than with a scathing new effort?    Continue reading “TERROR ‘The Walls Will Fall’ EP Review & Stream; Tour Dates”

Oldschool Sunday: DECEMBER’S FIRE (Featuring Behemoth’s Nergal)


On April 25th, Arachnophobia Records will reissue a remastered edition of ‘Vae Victus‘ from the Polish entity December’s Fire. The 1996 album was the pinnacle of the recorded material from the one man solo project of Piotr Weltrowskiego.    Continue reading “Oldschool Sunday: DECEMBER’S FIRE (Featuring Behemoth’s Nergal)”

LOATHFINDER ‘The Great Tired Ones’ EP Review & Stream

Poland’s Loathfinder will release their new four-song EP, ‘The Great Tired Ones‘, on April 28th, via Godz ov War Productions. There are several one word descriptions that more than adequately relay the idea of what type of music this is. Yes, if you ask me, words such as “punishing“, “volatile“, “frightening” or “cataclysmic” all do rather nicely.      Continue reading “LOATHFINDER ‘The Great Tired Ones’ EP Review & Stream”

RIFF RELEVANT Seeking Contributors (Freelance Writers, Reviewers, etc.)

Riff Relevant is seeking additional contributors! Do you have a way with words? Are you a music-addicted witty, metalhead who wants to write about their musical drug of choice? Are you looking to expand your network of music or writing-related opportunities? Then here is your shot.   Continue reading “RIFF RELEVANT Seeking Contributors (Freelance Writers, Reviewers, etc.)”

MAGE ‘Green’ Review & Stream

Leicestershire, UK’s Mage are back with an ultra-dense slab of stoner/doom and heavy rock they call ‘Green‘ and we call fantastic!

Continue reading “MAGE ‘Green’ Review & Stream”

STRATUS NIMBUS Self-Titled Review & Stream

Stratus Nimbus are clouds basically and by definition, the two-word term describes a gray looking, low hanging cloud. It could also be an aura that surrounds someone like a supposed deity during their time upon the Earth. Yeah, yeah, Stratus Nimbus could be all that, but I can tell you what Stratus Nimbus definitely are without question…

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WRECK PLUS ‘Dark Construktor’ EP Review & Stream

Parisian band Wreck Plus are a well established entity in their homeland of France. They have been actively enlarging their fan base for a while now, accomplished by a string of fantastic releases. The latest one, the ‘Dark Construktor‘ EP, was issued in December 2016 and has now made its way here to RRHQ.

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