PENTAGRAM To Play Four Shows Without Bobby Liebling; Victor Griffin To Sing

Legendary U.S. doom band Pentagram have announced they’ll be playing four upcoming shows without longtime vocalist Bobby Liebling. All lead vocals at the gigs will be provided by guitarist Victor Griffin (Place Of Skulls, In~Graved).   

Victor, bassist Greg Turley and drummer Pete Campbell have released the following statement regarding Liebling’s absence from this week’s gigs:

“Due to circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control, that are a direct result of Bobby Liebling‘s personal actions, he is unfortunately unable to appear alongside PENTAGRAM for the spring string of East Coast concerts. The four dates affected are April 20th – Baltimore, MD, April 21st Richmond, VA, April 22nd New York City and April 23rd, Cambridge, MA.

PENTAGRAM will be fulfilling these dates and our obligation to the fans and many people who’ve put time and money into setting up these gigs. We ask that you come out to celebrate this band’s legacy and music with us. The full live set performed will consist of classics and fan favorites. Our legendary and iconic guitar player and songwriter Victor Griffin will be performing the live vocals. The band will be available before and after the show for meet-and-greets, photos and questions. We look forward to seeing you at the shows!

“Addiction recovery is a daily struggle. If you or your loved ones are affected, PENTAGRAM and Phoenix House strongly encourages you to reach out for help. Phoenix House provides individualized, holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment with a legacy spanning 50 years. There are facilities in every state of this tour as well as across the country. One can reach out to them at: 1-888-671-9392 or via their website:

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