VOID VATOR ‘Dehumanized’ EP Review; Official Video + Live Dates

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Straight outta the heart of the City Of Angels comes the unique entity that is band on the rise, Void Vator.  The band is the brainchild of guitarist / vocalist Lucas Kanopa, who moved to L.A. from Uruguay in 2013 with his friend, drummer German Moura.  

Soon, the pair met guitarist Erik Kluiber (Ironaut, ex-Gypsyhawk) in 2015, and the birth of Void Vator ensued.  The trio quickly recruited bassist Ian Shea into the fold, after he heard some of their demos and the rare 50% Uruguayan %50 American act were on their way.

The next year or two was spent writing music, recording demos and playing well received live shows around the Hollywood region.  It was the latter, the shows, that eventually garnered Void Vator the attention of the Grammy nominated engineer / producer Ulrich Wild.

Wild’s jaw-dropping resumé includes acts like Pantera, Fu Manchu, Static-X, Prong and hordes of amazing bands and their releases.  He was quite impressed with Void Vator, both on and offstage and offered the new band a recording deal with his WURM Group label.  In early 2016, Void Vator collaborated with Ulrich and recorded a five song EP at his studio in Silverlake, CA.

Fast forward to now, this very moment where Void Vator have just released said EP, “Dehumanized“, this week.  I am here to tell you about what a spectacular powerhouse the effort is, one that has captured the energy and talent of Void Vator quite nicely.  The quartet’s output of highly energized, electrifying hard rock with metallic tinting and uses of melody is masterful.

From the unleashing of intro song “Time Has Come” (video below), you are subjected to a barrage of fiery riffs and pulsing rhythms.  Wickedly tight-knit and over the top, the song is the perfect embodiment of that exhilarating energy used in excess.

Things remain revved up and rolling right along with “No Return“, another piston-driven tune that hits ya like a ton of bricks.  Gang vocals, chunky guitars and, thanks to Wild’s well-trained ear, thundering bass lines that you can hear just as prevalent as anything else.

The guys inject a bluesier take with thick grooves for track three, “Until It’s Gone“. Kanopa’s raspy, impactful vocals are in top form here, while we’re treated to some damn fine guitar work once again.  It is here that we now arrive at the undeniable stand-out selection of the five, the ultra-bad ass “Far Away“.

A melodic start soon yields to the chunkiest riffs yet, they ripple with dense thickness before giving way to an infectious chorus.  Nailing all the bases as it epitomizes the true strength of Void Vator and their music.  Not to mention one hella-superb bridge and soulful guitar solo.

The EP ends with the blistering, sweat-soaked wrecking ball that is “Over Again“, but I like to think it’s a directive to the listener.  Something like “Dehumanized is OVER?  Well, play AGAIN!” because you damn sure will want to… over and over, again and again.

Void Vator are continuing to play mind-blowing live shows all over the place, having just welcomed new bassist Sam Harman to the band.

Upcoming shows include a FREE event with Old Blood and Heavy Door, as well as participating as part of the upcoming Vegas Rock Revolution Showcase alongside Avon and Sonolith.  You can find further details of these shows below.

Upcoming Void Vator events:

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