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Music Promos / Mailings / Submissions:
All heavy music artists are welcome to send their music and news to the site. Please note there is no guarantee we will publish a review of your music or your news release. We receive a lot of requests every day and do what we can to publish all that we can. That being said:

  • – Please send all submissions to news[at]riffrelevant.com
  • – Please send music submissions digitally, with link(s) to easily stream or download your music (i.e. Bandcamp, Facebook, official website, etc.). Download links from your Dropbox or other file storage are also accepted.
  • – Do not attach mp3s to an email. We will delete it.
  • – Once sent, please do not continue to send messages asking when or if we will publish your submission. Harassing the staff is a surefire way to get your submission ignored or deleted. We will also tell other music journalists that you do this. Don’t be annoying. We’re doing all we can.
  • – We do welcome all physical music format submissions (cds or vinyl records) and merch contributions for featured contest giveaways (stickers, patches, buttons, posters, cassettes, etc.).
  • – Any physical format music submissions will receive a published review upon request. Your physical format submission will get first priority in our review queue.
  • – Please send all physical formats to:
  •                        Leanne Ridgeway c/o Riff Relevant, P.O. Box 786, Albany, NY 12201-0786

Advertising / Sponsorship:
RiffRelevant.com does not advertise for any third-party company or organization at this time. Any images for events or other external links that you see on the site are either recommended music friends or featured events that Riff Relevant directly sponsors.

If interested in our sponsorship for your heavy music event, please send an email with your sponsorship opportunities to Leanne[at]riffrelevant.com.

Interested in Contributing?
We encourage anyone interested in contributing content to RiffRelevant.com to contact us.

  • – Our content contributors must have a coherent grasp of the written English language and grammar rules, and/or know their way around a camera.
  • – We don’t expect experts, just relatively sane and straightforward writers or photographers with a passion for heavy music.
  • – Photographer hobbyists looking to gain experience is fine. You need no ridiculously expensive equipment, simply have a decent digital camera, a good eye, and take clear, high-resolution photographs.
  • – Don’t be a flake. If you want to do this, do it. If you don’t really want to, don’t say you do. We’re not going to judge you for deciding you don’t want to. We will judge you for lying about it. 🙂
  • – Please send an email with your writing or photo samples (links to credited works are fine) to news[at]riffrelevant.com

Note: Views expressed in Riff Relevant posts are solely those of the credited writer. They are not representative opinions of Riff Relevant owner, staff, or website.

Copyrighted Material Policy:
RiffRelevant.com does not knowingly violate copyright laws. If you are or represent the copyright holder of a work of music or art/photo we have posted on the site, please email us with the specific file name. We will either correct the credited source, or remove/replace the file in question.

RiffRelevant.com also does *not* allow reproduction of any content without express written permission from the owner of this site. Unless you are the band, label, or other organization specifically mentioned in an article, you do not have permission to repost any content.

Ask us first, we’re pretty cordial folks. Thank you!