Argonauta Records’ GREEN METEOR Prep To Release New Album; Track Streaming

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s fuzzed-out psyche rock band Green Meteor will release their five-song début offering Consumed By A Dying Sun via Argonauta Records on April 21st.  

The quartet of guitarists Amy and Leta (also vocalist), bassist Algar and drummer Tony gave us all a preview track to enjoy as well, with “Mirrored Parabola Theory” streaming via YouTube below.

It perfectly presents the band’s hazy, distance-driven sound of heady jams that hold steady, like a tonal hive of musical insects. They buzz about with a determination to keep their sound an obviously garage-ish one, not polished or pro-tooled in any way. Check it out!

Consumed By A Dying Sun track list:

1.  Acute Emerald Elevation
2. Sleepless Lunar Dawn 
3. In the Shadow of Saturn
4. Mirrored Parabola Theory
5. Consumed by a Dying Sun


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