ACID WOLF Self-Titled EP Review & Stream

The relatively fresh Acid Wolf, an Aussie band formed in 2014, out of the ashes of earlier project ThirteenBlack, are back with a new self-titled effort. The seven-song offering from vox Benson Eckert, guitarists Simmo Durrant and Pagey, bassist Jason Moon and drummer Richo Wise is, simply put, powerful.  

Melding elements of Fuzz, Desert, Stoner and modern Rock, with a bit of Doom and Psyche, the music here is heavy and thick. An interesting factoid about it is all the music was recorded live, in single takes with no isolation, no overdubs and all in one session, with vocals recorded after. Augmented with ample distortion and solid, tight-knit playing from the guys, what you get is straightforward no-bullshit rock and roll.

Resonating riffiness and rolling rhythms abound beneath the bluesier, throaty vocals. Hell, there are even occasional moments of full-on metallic content, like the savage “Blood Eagle“. I invite you to check out the latest from Acid Wolf streaming below.  Once there, you can link to a previous ThirteenBlack EP and snag it as an NYP (Name Your Price) item.

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