Exclusive! ELECTRIC AGE Premiere ‘Coldwitch’ Official Video At RIFF RELEVANT

Riff Relevant is beyond excited to bring you our first EXCLUSIVE for the site, the Official Video Premiere of “Coldwitch” from Louisiana’s Electric Age! The track hails from the band’s critically acclaimed Argonauta Records release, Sleep Of The Silent King (out now! Links below to purchase on CD and digital).  

With it, the trio of Shawn Tucker, Jason Ogle and Kelly Davis crafted an immaculate album of thick, groove-driven hard rock and doom. With “Coldwitch“, the track’s clip provides a lysergic-like view into occult imagery accompanying the band’s own otherworldly storyline and music.

The video was created by Rein Matthias at Gryphus Visuals. Be sure to check out my upcoming review of Electric Age‘s Sleep of The Silent King.

Sleep Of The Silent King on CD via Argonauta Records or Digital via Bandcamp.

Until then, feast your eyes and ears on this A/V horror show, the wicked emissions of Electric Age‘s “Coldwitch“…

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