DEATHRITE Debut ‘Into The Never Black’ Official Video

If you haven’t heard Germany’s Deathrite before now, then you are definitely in for a treat here today. That treat will be further compounded if you happen to be a fan of the first two studio albums from Entombed, Left Hand Path and Clandestine.

See, Deathrite‘s own sound is very reminiscent of that era of music from Entombed and other similar bands. In fact, their 2015 Prosthetic Records début, Revelation Of Chaos, was rife with an early Dismember-styled death metal viciousness strengthened by a Nihilist/Entombed-inspired punk fortitude.

On April 7th, Deathrite will return with their latest recording in the form of the extremely limited 7-inch EP  “Where Evil Arises“. Today, you can get an early taste of the EP with the band’s official video for a track from it, “Into The Never Black“.

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