MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Detail ‘Mount The Mountain’ Album; Issue New Video

Aussie heavy rockers Mammoth Mammoth will return with a new album, ‘Mount The Mountain‘, via Napalm Records on April 28th.

The guys have just issued an Official Video for a track off the record as well, ‘Sleepwalker‘. It follows the previously dispersed lyric video for ‘Spellbound‘ from the album as well.

Mount The Mountain‘ is eleven tracks of mind-blowing rock and roll that will surely deliver the goods once again.

“We consider the writing of our albums not unlike working on a top fueling drag car. We tinker around a bit, we strip the engine down to rebuild it by adding a couple new parts whilst taking some out, always trying to make it run faster and sounding louder, this time though we’ve added a bigger exhaust system and a shitload of nitrous… and a cup holder,” comments frontman Mikey Tucker on the upcoming release.

Mount The Mountain track listing:

“Mount The Mountain”
“Hole In The Head”
“Kickin’ My Dog”
“Hard Way Down”
“Wild And Dead”
“Cold Liquor”
“I Cant Get You Out Of My Head” (Bonus Track)

Sleepwalker” video:

Spellbound” lyric video:

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