NUCLEAR OATH Share ‘Toxic Playground’ Details; Streaming Two Tracks

Medicine Hat, Alberta-based metallers Nuclear Oath are set to self-release their new full-length, ‘Toxic Playground‘, on June 9th.  

The band’s style of old-school, thrash-infused metal is volatile and merciless and in true old-school style, mostly DIY. Taking the Do-It-Yourself approach to many things related to the band, bassist/background vocalist Nathanael Bohnet mixed and mastered the new record.

You can hear his and fellow band mates Pete Mercer (vocals), Nick Litowski (guitar, background vocals), Zack Brandham (guitar) and Brandon Sauer (drums) intense energy via two songs streaming below. Check out the fierce metallic onslaught of Nuclear Oath‘s ‘Razor Blade Regrets‘ and ‘Toxic Playground‘ and hear for yourself why this band is so lethal.

Track Listing:
1. Into The Depths Of Hatred (4:10)
2. Confessions (3:18)
3. Forsaken Wasteland (3:25)
4. Ambushed (5:11)
5. Faith Let Go (3:30)
6. Razor Blade Regrets (3:35)
7. Sacrifice The Fallen (5:05)
8. Toxic Playground (4:15)
9. Blind (4:18)
10. There Goes The Neighborhood  (Bonus Track 5:15)

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