Exclusive Premiere: RED BEARD WALL Self-titled Full Album Stream

Red Beard Wall Album Cover
Red Beard Wall
Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Today is the official release day for Red Beard Wall’s highly anticipated self-titled début album on Argonauta RecordsWe have the première of the full-album SoundCloud stream, along with an insight into some of the tracks right from the Red Beard himself, Aaron Wall.

Red Beard Wall was born on the dry, windswept plains of West Texas, at the culmination of 2016. Formed by Aaron Wall, out of a desire to channel his angst and frustration. Using the insane reality that surrounds us, with a hyper-focus on heavy and to-the-point songs. Devastatingly heavy riff tones, harmonic vocal melodies, alongside blistering screams of disillusionment.

Today (May 12th) marks the official release of Red Beard Wall‘s self-titled album. Much to our honor and appreciation, Argonauta Records approached us to host the première of the full-stream of Red Beard Wall’s début full-length album on the release date. Check the SoundCloud stream below…


Red Beard Wall - Live on April 29th 2017
Red Beard Wall – Live on April 29th, 2017


With such musical influences as Floor, Helmet, Conan, Yob, Pallbearer, Baroness, and countless others, the duo of Aaron Wall (vocals/ guitar) and George Trujillo (drums) created an intense album of riff thickened, angst-driven doomed sludge rock.

‘Red Beard Wall’ Tracklist:

01. Beauty In
02. I Am
03. Switching Circuits
04. Alive
05. Born with a Hammer
06. Top of the Mountain
07. Bottom of a Well
08. March in Time
09. Beauty Out

In addition to the album stream première, we also spoke with Aaron Wall and picked his brain a bit to gain some insight into the ideas that sparked some of the songs’ creations. Take a peek into the mind behind the Red Beard Wall:

Beauty In / Beauty Out “Put beauty in, you get beauty out. “Beauty In” and “Beauty Out” are bookends. Mirror images of each other. A crescendo/decrescendo, if you will. The record ends the same way it began.”

I Am “This riff was written a few years ago and was stuck in my head constantly. It was a necessity to get it out. Lyrically it’s about my resentment of religious indoctrination. Personal in my case, but also universal.”

Alive “This song propelled everything. First song I wrote post demo. I felt like there was some magic there. Still do. Of the few that have heard the record, this is mostly the favorite.”

March in Time “The song that started it all. Very fond of this tune for many reasons… most of all because it fucking jams.”

Red Beard Wall is available on CD via Argonauta Records. Red Beard Wall has a live show 5/13 in Tyler, TX (click for details).

In response to their signing with Argonauta Records last month, the band says:

“As a band we are extremely honored, privileged, and humbled by our partnership with the mighty Argonauta Records. We are motivated towards, and look forward to a bright future with, in our opinion the best up and coming label in the world”.


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