BEASTMAKER ‘Inside The Skull’ Streaming In Full

One of the hottest bands currently scorching the ears of the music-loving masses is Fresno, CA.’s Beastmaker.  

The trio behind the band, guitarist/vocalist Trevor William Church, bassist John Tucker and drummer Andres Alejandro Saldate are back with an incredible brand new album. That album, ‘Inside The Skull‘, is being released through Rise Above Records today, May 19th and we have it streaming in full today.

Inside The Skull track list:
1. Evil One
2. Heaven to Hell
3. Now Howls The Beast
4. Of Gods Creation
5. Give Me A Sign
6. Nature Of The Damned
7. Psychic Visions
8. Inside The Skull
9. Night Bird
10. Sick Sick Demon

Founded on a love of the classic, heavy rock of traditional bands like Pentagram and Black Sabbath, Beastmaker are hard to beat. Fuzzy, thunderous and retro-vibed to maximum, the music on ‘Inside The Skull‘ will embed itself where else? Inside YOUR skull, of course.

Enjoy it in the stream below and you can currently catch the band out on tour supporting Zakk Wylde‘s Zakk Sabbath (itinerary and tickets here).

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