DEAD ASYLUM Declares ‘Death Always Wins’ With Pre-Release Stream; Tour Dates

Vancouver, Canada’s Dead Asylum will release their sophomore album, ‘Death Always Wins‘, on June 2nd. The band seems to have really stepped up the songwriting and technical execution of their material since 2013’s General Carnage début.  

Always very tight-knit and proficient, Dead Asylum partake in unleashing a furious onslaught of savage music here. Lyrical themes include revolution, political uprising, the apocalypse and – as always – the decline of mankind.

You can check out the new record via the Soundcloud embedded stream of it, in full, below.

Death Always Wins was tracked at Jam Factory Studios in Port Coquitlam, BC; recorded and edited by Roger Mowat; and mix/mastered by Chris Holmes. Pierre-Alain (3mmi Design) was responsible for the album art.

Dead Asylum are gearing up for an U.S. invasion trek later this year. The full itinerary is not complete yet, but you can find details of all live outings from the band here.

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