GENGHIS CHRON ‘Demos’ Review, Stream & NYP Item

The five-man entity Genghis Chron appropriately hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Not only is their own name a catchy punner, but their home is befitting for the band’s own thunderous sound. That sound is one that channels some thickly sticky Stoner Rock specialness indeed. I say that based on the band’s late January offering, the two-song ‘Demos‘.   Continue reading “GENGHIS CHRON ‘Demos’ Review, Stream & NYP Item”

Oldschool Sunday: LIEGE LORD


Beginning as a Judas Priest cover band using the name Deceiver in 1982, Stanford, Connecticut’s Liege Lord came to be in the year 1984. By the time the name change took effect, the band consisted of vocalist Andy Michaud, guitarists Tony Truglio and Pete McCarthy, bassist Matt Vinci and drummer Frank Cortese.   Continue reading “Oldschool Sunday: LIEGE LORD”

SAFETY SWITCH ‘Forsaken’ EP Review, Stream & Free Download

From the state of Georgia comes a peach of a hardcore release, the four-track ‘Forsaken‘ EP from Safety Switch. The band is clearly a young, up and coming act as it seems their first offering was the Demo ’17 release, from earlier in the year.   Continue reading “SAFETY SWITCH ‘Forsaken’ EP Review, Stream & Free Download”