GENGHIS CHRON ‘Demos’ Review, Stream & NYP Item

The five-man entity Genghis Chron appropriately hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Not only is their own name a catchy punner, but their home is befitting for the band’s own thunderous sound. That sound is one that channels some thickly sticky Stoner Rock specialness indeed. I say that based on the band’s late January offering, the two-song ‘Demos‘.  

By the way, the guys are Andrew Benson (guitar), Dave Taylor (guitar), Mike Tkaczyk (bass), Andy Middaugh (vocals) and Josh Hogan (drums). Like I said, what they play is some intensely valid heavy rock that’s fueled by groove.

Those grooves are bolstered by bedrock-like rhythms and solid drums. It all comes blaring to life with ‘Psychonaut’s Bible‘, a bit of intro build-up before the full-on assault begins. Fuzz-fattened riffs resonate as those drums land like grenades, all while some respectable vocals keep your attention.

Second cut, ‘Dumb‘, unfurls with a bit of stop ‘n go guitar before hitting the riff trench and taking off. The boys flat-out jam on the song’s instrumentation, solid and tightly knit. The vocals get a bit gravelly at places, but are always top-notch, even flavored with a bit of aggressiveness at points. In truth, the track takes on a definite metallic nature and just kicks ass.

Demos‘ looks to be Genghis Chron‘s debut offering, as far as studio efforts go. If so, then they are off! It’s a stellar aural glimpse at what this band is all about. Quite promising, too.

I invite you to stream it via the Bandcamp embed below. Once you are through, you can click to their page and pick it up as an NYP (Name Your Price) item.

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