ABANDONED SOULS ‘Make It Last’ EP Review; Song Stream; Tour Dates

London, Ontario’s Abandoned Souls recently returned via a new EP release, the five-song ‘Make It Last‘ from their own indie, Fiend Records. Dropped back at the end of April, the effort is the follow-up to 2014’s Insightful Minds At Ease.  

It finds the quartet of James Todd (lead vocals), Derek De Kort (guitar, vocals), Tom Dobrentey (drums, vocals) and Reagan Thorne (bass, vocals) taking the next step in their metallic evolution.

This is music constructed on energized guitar grooves, pulsing rhythms, empowered drums and fantastic, soaring vocals. It definitely leans more toward the metallic side of the scales, but with an instilled melodic bent that’s always present.

From the uplifting grooves of ‘Prove It‘ and its’ stellar vocal deliveries, to the thrilling, over the top ‘Make It Last‘, this is music you feel. Just check out the latter track below and I dare you to not be hooked by first listen.

The three remaining cuts, ‘Best Of Me‘ (my favorite), ‘Stand Out Front‘ and the ballad-y ‘So Through‘ are also of the finest caliber. With each new song’s arrival comes another depth to which your interest will step into. Infectious riffs sink into you like talons while the rhythms and drumming ride tight.

There is no downside to a single second of Abandoned SoulsMake It Last‘ EP. It can be purchased NOW at these locations:

CD Baby / Amazon / Google Music Store / iTunes

Upcoming Abandoned Souls shows:
June 24 – Jacob Hespeler Hall – Cambridge, ON w/ Counterwait, Punishment 
Sept 9 – Norma Jean’s – London, ON w/ Counterwait

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