Exclusive Premiere: KAYLETH ‘Space Muffin: Rusty Edition’ Album Stream [Argonauta Records]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor

Friday, June 30th will see the re-release of the Italian stoner rock band Kayleth‘s ‘Space Muffin‘ album. Coming via Argonauta Records, they are calling it a re-release – truth is, this is pretty much a whole new record! We have an exclusive stream here at Riff Relevant, just for you! In fact, this version of this fantastically stellar space/stoner album is entitled ‘Space Muffin: Rusty Edition‘ due to the enhanced content it contains.

For the new edition of their highly acclaimed latest album ‘Space Muffin: Rusty Edition‘, Kayleth added renewed artwork and bonus tracks. The songs of their third self released EP, ‘Rusty Gold‘ (2010), have been added as a special augmentation to the LP originally issued in 2015. That means five bonus tracks on top of all the great music of the original source record.

Kayleth comments:

“RUSTY GOLD, at that time entirely self-produced, occupies an important place in our hearts for its powerful and mature songs, written and recorded in a moment  of personal growth as well. So, what better opportunity to give you the chance to take home two of our best works?”

If you call yourself a true fan of riff-thickened stoner rock that channels the spectacular space/psych rock elements of Hawkwind or Monster Magnet… well then this is for you!

Maybe you liken yourself to more of an appreciator of heavy rock that bands like Kyuss and Orange Goblin transmit… well then this is for you! Either way or whatever you consider yourself to be, Kayleth‘s ‘Space Muffin: Rusty Edition‘ is going to blow your ass away.

So settle on down, strap on in and treat yourself to another phenomenal exclusive, as we give you the full album stream of Argonauta Records’ recording act Kayleth and their new ‘Space Muffin: Rusty Edition‘ record!


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