THEE IRON HAND (Iron Man, The Hidden Hand, Ironboss, Etc. Members) Live Debut Set; Song Teaser

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

One of the most intriguing recent new band announcements has been that of Thee Iron Hand. The recently revealed new project hosts a cast of musicians from several well known bands including past/present members of Iron Man, The Hidden Hand, Iron Boss, The Obsessed, Lifetime Shitlist and more.  

The attention of underground music fans everywhere was recently piqued with the unveiling of the new band. Now, we have some up to the minute news concerning Thee Iron Hand.

The quartet at the heart of the band, vocalist ‘Screaming MadDee Calhoun, bassist Bruce Falkinburg, guitarist Matt Crocco, and drummer Patrick Kennedy, will play their début show in July.

Set for Friday, July 14th, Thee Iron Hand will be revealed live for the first time, supporting Mangog and Weed Is Weed at The Shamrock Inn in Baltimore, Maryland. Doors are at 8:00 PM and there is NO COVER, for what will assuredly be an amazing show with these three acts.

In Thee Iron Hand related news, the guys have also shared another rehearsal/ demo quality audio clip of a song-in-progress, “Pissing Chrome“. Check it and the previously shared “Lungful Of Blood” below.

Make sure to get out and see the band along with the others at the upcoming live première of Thee Iron Hand!

Thee Iron Hand live début supporting Weed Is Weed & Mangog: Doors at 8 PM – NO COVER! Friday, July 14th, 2017 at The Shamrock Inn, Baltimore, MD.

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