ETHER Stream ‘There is Nothing Left For Me Here’ In Full; Tour Begins

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

The Floridian Post-Hardcore band Ether released their début album, “There is Nothing Left For Me Here” today (Friday, July 7th) via Dead Truth Recordings. We’re offering it to you for streaming in full below.  

You can hear the wide, yet dark, musical expanse the record contains. With haunting nuances, acoustic moments, orchestral arrangements and much more taking place, the music itself provides a profound listening experience.

Ether was formed by Remembering Never members Peter Kowalsky, Devin Estep, Henry Burger and Josh Shomburg. Several guests provide contributions to this album as well like ZAO frontman Daniel Weyandt on the song “Ava Maria Of The Lice, Of The Snakes, Of The Worms“.

In Ether related news, the band will also undertake a summer tour that begins tonight to coincide with their debut’s release. The tour itinerary can be found below.

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