Live Review: MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2017 Off-Stage & Behind The Scenes Photos from MDDF!

The Maryland Doom Fest
Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Just when our Post-Maryland Doom Fest Depression has finally worn off, I’m going to stir it up again with some antics off-stage in candid photos that I shot during my #4DaysOfDoom in Frederick, MD a couple of weeks ago.

Suffice to say the Maryland Doom Fest 2017 was a magnificent, successful event! Some of us here at Riff Relevant were gallivanting all over Cafe 611 for the entire four days. As far as ‘business’ – Pat Riot interviewed a few bands, and I took nearly 1800 photos during the four-day heavy music event (don’t worry, I’m not posting all of them).

We chatted with other attendees, staff, crew, and band members. We met up with old friends, made a whole bucket of new friends, and had a ridiculously great time in the process. Most importantly, we saw some truly exquisite heavy music acts performing in a great venue, along with a nicely packed crowd of fantastic spectators. Holeeeee smokes did these bands riff our faces off!

Lots of fun, not a bad sound to be heard, not an unfriendly person to be found. I can’t say enough great things about the MDDF organizers, staff, and crew. They do a remarkable job, for sure. Without taking a break, only mere days after the third annual MDDF ended they are already in the process of determining plans and booking bands for the fourth year!

As we await the future announcement on the MDDF 2018 lineup (coming this October on Halloween), we will bide our time with you. Until that is ready, here is a photo gallery (click any photo to open the gallery) view of some off-stage and behind the scenes from MDDF 2017 weekend!

(All photos by Leanne Ridgeway.)

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