Riot’s Revelation: OPERATION NEPTUNE SPEAR; ‘Land Of The Free’ Single Streaming

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Sounds like some high priority, large scale military effort, doesn’t it?  Like Operation Desert Storm and the like, huh?  You will be surprised to learn it isn’t (well, really is it..but not in this case, ha). No, instead, Operation Neptune Spear is a one-man musical movement of interesting proportions, and equally important, is the focus of the second installment of Riot’s Revelation.  You know, where I get you hip to something worth your while – be it a band, album, event, or…   

Based in South Yorkshire, England (Dinnington, to be precise) and formed in April 2015, Op.N.S. has previously released two efforts.  Those were ‘Opening Salvo and ‘First World Chaos‘.  They quickly helped establish the realization that Operation Neptune Spear were onto something.

That something is a unique meshing of groove-heavy rock, industrial metal, speed metal and a dash of post-hardcore.  What that meshing results in is music that’s probably best described as “a touch of LG Petrov (Entombed) vocally, with music influenced by Ministry, with just a hint of Sacred Reich…


Did THAT get your attention?  It damn sure should, because I’d love to hear such a band… and did when I heard Operation Neptune Spear for the first time.  Now it is your chance to do so via the brand new single “Land Of The Free” streaming through Soundcloud below.

Keep in mind that this is artistry created from the mind and talents of one man, he’s known as The1Shez. You can find links to several of his social media platforms and music below.

So, check out some of his work now, soldier… it’s high time to shove off and get Operation Neptune Spear well underway in your musical world.  Enjoy!

Operation Neptune Spear on Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

1984” Official Video:

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