ALPHA TIGER Reveal S/T Album Details; Premiere ‘Comatose’ Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Multifaceted German metal band Alpha Tiger are preparing to release their self-titled fourth studio album on August 25th.  

The new album was recorded and mixed by Richard Behrens and features guest musician,s such as organist Johannes Walenta.  Plus, the Berlin bands Street Hawk and Space Chaser who contributed the choir vocals on “My Dear Old Friend” and “Singularity”.

Alpha Tiger are debuting their Official Video for the song “Comatose” today, nicely displaying their ability to meld semi-thrashy metal with bluesy hard rock goodness.

Guitar player Peter Langforth commented on the song saying:

Is it just me or is the world completely out of mind?  In a time when smart-phones dominate everyday life, I’m afraid that this question is becoming more and more common.  We approached this issue with a wink and asked ourselves, how people would have responded to it more than a hundred years ago.  The song ‘Comatose’ forms the musical bridge between our third record ‘iDentity’ and the new album, and thus reflects the traditional side of the album.  We wish you a lot of fun with the clip!

‘Alpha Tiger’ will be available on August 25th as a CD Digipak (including poster) and double LP version as well as for download and streaming. Pre-order here.


“Road To Vega”
“Feather In The Wind”
“To Wear A Crown”
“Welcome To Devil’s Town”
“My Dear Old Friend”
“If The Sun Refused To Shine”
“The Last Encore”

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