DOWNPOUR (Shadows Fall, Birch Hill Dam, Unearth, Etc. Mbrs) Debut New Song

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

After a somewhat lengthy absence, hiatus, downtime or the like, Downpour have resurfaced with a new song.  

That song, “Beautiful Nothing“, is audio streaming below.  Along with it comes nothing else more really, as far as anything by press release or what have you.  Curiosity abounds…

In case you need a reminder, Downpour is:

Vocals – Brian Fair (Shadows Fall / Overcast)
Guitars – Matt Lebreton (Frozen / Cannae)
Bass – Pete Gelles (Birch Hill Dam  /Sorrowseed)
Drums – Derek Kerswill (ex-Unearth / Seemless)


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