ACID DREAM ‘Physical Removal’ Album Review & Stream (NYP item)

(By Brian Halsey, Staff Writer,

Acid Dream issues a stern warning on their Bandcamp page: ‘Do Not Enjoy Unless Loaded’.  Take their advice like I did, because things get pretty unsettling from the opening feedback before the band executes a single riff.  

Heavy music has an established tradition of using sound clips from horror films as a gateway into similarly themed albums and songs. Acid Dream gets your attention by using home audio recordings from Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris prior to their attack on Columbine High School.  The samples do not serve as just a throw away intro.  They are tied into the lyrics and reappear in the middle as well as the end of the song.

Physical Removal‘ is Acid Dream‘s was released early 2017 via Supernaut Records, and recorded at Dead Hipster Studios in Manistique, Michigan.  For their first full length Zach Pelletier (Guitar/Vocals), Kaden Pelletier (Bass), and Mike Spanish (Drums) have stitched together a hideous collection of music and horror.

Once the template is in place, Acid Dream goes to work on six crushing tracks.  Each individual song details a story of murder and violence.  The fuzzy and distorted sludge riffs form a very organic bond with the demented sound clips.  Zach Pelletier uses harsh growls and an echoed style of singing that gives this album a creepy vibe from start to finish.

Physical Removal’ is a trippy and haunting release.  This thing is a Bandcamp NYPname your price’ album, so I highly recommend you throw them a few bucks and sneak their music into your buddy’s Halloween playlist to scare the shit out of some guests.

Track List:

1. Natural Selection
2. Slave
3. House of Mirrors
4. Death Squad
5. A History of Violence
6. Left Behind


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