SATANIZE Streaming Just-Released ‘Death Mass Execution’ 7″

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Portugal’s Satanize may be one of the most brutal extreme metal acts on the planet at this time.  

It has now been over a decade since their S/T Demo was unleashed on our Earth, and it has been followed with a stream of vicious, blasphemous output.  Each new outing seems to get more and more volatile and with increasingly better production.

Now, the duo behind Satanize, bassist / guitarist Reverend Of The Hell Legions And Macbre Tyranny and drummer / vocalist Reverend Of Diabolical Services And Sinister Sorcery, are back with perhaps their most punishing effort yet.

Hellfire hot on the hooves of last year’s damning ‘Apocalyptic Impious Command’ LP, here comes ‘Death Mass Execution’, a three song 7” EP, released under the evil eye of Larval Productions on August 7th.

According to the band themselves, Satanizepromise nothing less than a direct, barbaric attack on the senses, [Death Mass Execution] represents our most concentrated assault to date!

That sounds like a potentially dire warning so with that, check out the Soundcloud embedded stream of the new Satanize  7″ below and beware!

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