EMBER Reveals ‘271’ EP Details As In-Studio Recording Visual Series Nears

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

One week ago today, we announced our upcoming project, the Ember ‘271’ EP In-Studio Recording Visual Series. It is our ambitious partnership with Birmingham’s Ember to join them in Ledbelly Sound Studio, as they record their new EP in early September.

We are extremely excited to be visually present for the escalating steps of an actual recording process, one where you, the readers, will join us on this journey. Today, as we prepare for the series launch, Riff Relevant is proud to present the exclusive unveiling of Ember‘s ‘271‘ EP artwork and tracklist!

The Mata Hari art itself was created by Sandra Araujo, while Ember’s own Erik Bigelow handled layout and the surrounding visuals. When the finished product is a wrap and available for public consumption, this is what it will look like when you own the release itself!

271‘ Tracklist:


Just imagine when all is said, sung, played, and done, many of you will have been here for the entire process of making this recording. You will have had an informative view into the studio and watched what a band, Ember, goes through to lay it down.

You will see some of what an engineer does, in this case, Matt Washburn, and then a bit further down the road, you can hear (and hopefully purchase) the results of that which you observed. In case I got too wordy there, in layman’s terms that means the ‘271‘ EP from Ember, heh.

Make sure to return for the launch of the Riff Relevant Presents: Ember “271” EP In-Studio Recording Visual Series. This happens on Saturday, September 2nd, with the début video of the band in the studio and five more to follow. Be here!

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