SCANDROID Reveals Details Of Sophomore Album ‘Monochrome’

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

The Detroit, Michigan based electronica act Scandroid, the beloved brainchild of Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller and earlier industrial thrash band Circle Of Dust, will return next month.  

That return will come in the form of Klayton’s music-based love letter to the 80’s, “Monochrome“, due from FiXT on October 27th.

Featuring 14 tracks, from the retro-synth pop hooks of “Afterglow,” “Rendezvous,” “Future Bloodline,” and “A Thousand Years,” to the instrumental epics “Oblivia” and “Searching For A Lost Horizon,” the new effort imagines an alternate future where truth is hidden in “Monochrome.

The album includes modern synthwave covers of John Williams’ famous Star Wars opus “The Force Theme“, as well as a hauntingly powerful cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to be released as a single on Friday, the 13th of October.  The album concludes with a bonus remix of “Thriller” from mysterious synthwave artist/producer PYLOT.

Check out Scandroid‘s official Lyric Video for the track “Connection” from the band’s critically acclaimed Self-Titled debut.

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