VENOMOUS MAXIMUS ‘No Warning’ Album Review

venomous maximus no warning

Article By: Brian Halsey ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Break out the Ouija board.  I think VENOMOUS MAXIMUS captured the ghost of David Bowie and taught him to rock in a doom band.

Flamboyant and hypnotizing, this album will strike a nerve in anyone who appreciates heavy metal that is unafraid to push a few boundaries. Give one listen to the Houston, Texas-based band’s third offering, ‘No Warning’, out via Shadow Kingdom Records, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Venomous Maximus has that immeasurable quality to their music. Your brain feels infected and your mind plays the songs on repeat. Released this past July 28th, ‘No Warning’ accomplishes the impressive feat of sounding extraordinary, without coming off as gimmicky.

Return of the Witchmixes mild hints of black metal with doom of epic proportions.  “All of my Dreams is one of a few acoustic moments that slow down the tempo, but not the intensity. Gregg Higgins (Vocals, Guitar) unleashes an evil masterpiece, with a voice fit to echo throughout the catacombs of eternity. His unique delivery is soulful and haunting.  It borders on being awkward but comes off as incredibly memorable and fitting.  

With Christian Larson (Guitar),  Trevi Biles (Bass), and  Bongo (Drums) *by the way, good fuckin’ call scooping up a drummer named Bongo*,  the band provides all the power necessary to make ‘No Warning’ see its fullest potential. The first time I heard Ghost I was paralyzed by a familiar sound that was at the same time fresh and original. VENOMOUS MAXIMUS will send those same chills down your spine.

All Venomous Maximus releases are available through the band webstore and also via Shadow Kingdom Records. ‘No Warning‘ is available on CD, Vinyl pressing, Cassette, as well as digital streaming and download via the band’s Bandcamp. You can stream in full below.

Do me a favor. Throw on “Return of the Witch (track four, my favorite song on the album). Get a wide base. Get in a nice low crouch. And start metal dancing your ass off (preferably in the middle of a horseshoe pit, under a black sky, during a crucial moment of the fucking match). During this experience, you will be reborn into a better person.  

If you don’t know what metal dancing is, refer to the picture below. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few hip thrusts and fist pumps for good measure. VENOMOUS MAXIMUS rules:

No Warning’ Tracklist:

01. I.
02. Spellbound
03. Pray For Me
04. Return Of the Witch
05. All Of My Dreams
06. II.
07. No Warning
08. Blood for Blood
09. Endless
10. Sea Of Sleep

*Metal dance, courtesy of Tuckerton’s New Jersey Metal Devil, circa 2003-ish:

(Editor’s note: Any angry retorts from Tuckerton should be sent directly to Halsey. – Leanne)

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