Long “Lost” GRUNTRUCK S/T Album To be Released In October; Official Video Premiere

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Seattle grunge pioneers Gruntruck were one of that movement’s most bittersweet bands to say the least. A truly talented collective that created amazing music, the band were plagued with external issues that directly affected their ability to bring that music to their fans. From legal battles with their label, Roadrunner Records, frequent member swaps and, of course, the tragic death of vocalist/guitarist Ben McMillan in 2008, Gruntruck seemed doomed from their start.

The band did ultimately release two full-length albums and an EP, all of which were produced by the famed Jack Endino, along with Martin Feveyear. A third album was recorded between 1997 and 2002 but, due mostly to McMillan’s deteriorating health from diabetes at the time, it was never released. Said album then languished in the vaults of obscurity until 2016, when Endino mentioned its existence to Found Recordings head, Scott Blum.

Blum made it his mission to obtain and release that record and now, he and his label, Found Recordings, are about to do exactly that. That long “lost” recording will be released as the upcoming Gruntruck self-titled album from the label on October 13th.

Below, check out a brand new track from the album titled “Bar Fly” along with a video featuring found footage filmed by Thomas Ensign and edited by Gary Lundgren. To celebrate the album’s release, Gruntruck will soon play some live shows that will feature some well known guest vocalists.

The S/T Gruntruck album can be ordered / purchased at this location.

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