AXEMASTER To Issue New LP ‘Crawling Chaos’ & Ltd. Compilation

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Long-running Ohio-based metal legends Axemaster are about to deliver a one-two punch of “then and now” type releases. The band has two different release items on their way in October and November that will make fans, old or new, as happy as can be. We will start with the new, modern material and work our way back from there, ok?

November 24th, Black Friday in fact, will see the anxiously awaited release of Axemaster‘s full-length studio album, ‘Crawling Chaos‘. Due through Pure Steel Records, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Overture To Madness’ is a 10 song onslaught of voracious heavy metal. The songs show a clear evolution in the band’s style yet retains their traditional, old-school signature sound as well. One of the cuts is a new version of a classic Axemaster song from 1988: “Death Before Dishonor“.

The new CD features the return of vocalist Geoff McGraw, lead guitarist Joe Sims, and bassist Jim Curtis; and is the Axemaster recording debut of lead guitarist Damin Bennett (making this the first time the band has had a dual axe attack), and drummer Denny Archer.

Pre-orders for the disc will begin on November 10th through the Pure Steel Records website here. 

Crawling Chaos tracklist:

01. 10,000 Pound Hammer
02. Crawling Chaos
03. Axes Of Evil
04. Flowers For The Dead
05. Mystify The Dream Hypnotic
06. Aldar Rof
07. Shallow Grave
08. Death Before Dishonor
09. Bravado
10. Knight Of Pain

While ‘Crawling Chaos‘ shows the band’s present and future, the “Autumn of Axemaster” begins with a celebration of the band’s past. On October 6th, the band is set to re-release 19 of the band’s songs from 1986-1991 on a vinyl 2-record set. Titled “Blessing In The Skies (And Other Cuts From The Chamber)“, the limited edition collectible (only 200 pressed) is in high demand.

This 2 record set includes the entire ‘Blessing In The Skies‘ album, the entire ‘5 Demons‘ EP, and several other assorted songs. It has all been incredibly re-mastered by Robert Romagna and is a definite must for all metal vinyl collectors and Axemaster fans!

Pre-ordering began on Sept. 22nd through the Pure Steel Records website here.


Blessing In The Skies (And Other Cuts From The Chamber) 

–From ‘Blessing In The Skies’–
The Prophecy/Golgotha
Blood of the Temple
Rock Forever
Without a Trace
Demon Machine
The Reaper
Slave to the Blade
The Predator

–From ‘5 Demons’–
Phantom Armies
Black Dungeons
Secrets Untold
False Consciousness
Full Moon at Dawn

–From ‘Slave To The Blade’–
The Power
Snake Charmer

–Originally unreleased–
Heretical Valor
Naked Eye

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