EXARSIS Unleash ‘General Guidance’ Official Video As ‘New War Order’ Looms

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Greece’s oldschool thrash-styled metal band Exarsis have unleashed a scathing Official Video for their track “General Guidance“. The blistering neck-wrecking number hails from the band’s imminent fourth album release, “New World Order” which is due out on October 20th.

The visual clip was produced by Athina Tousia and gives fans a perfect view of what you can expect from the band’s new album: finest classic thrash metal!

New War Order” was recorded at the D-Studios in Athens and mixed and mastered by Mike Karpathiou. The album contains 10 songs with a playing time of almost 40 minutes.



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